Diamond in the rough: 1950’s kitsch bar

15 Jan

I think I’m becoming a bit of a visual pack-rat (thanks a lot, Pinterest!).  Rather than fight it, I want to document of some of the amazing vintage gems available locally that I’m not able to adopt.

An illustration of a blue diamond caught in a pink and grey lasso. The text says "diamonds in the rough: craigslist round-up."

The special guest in this craigslist round-up is a 1950’s red and black lacquer bar and stools set.  Look at this beauty!

Midcentury red and black lacquer bar with two black stools with red upholstered seats.

The current owner says that it “kind of looks like ‘The Jetson’s’ meet Japan.”  To me, it looks like it could be a lost prop from Blade Runner, with the mid-century, “futuristic” shape of the bar and stools paired with the delicate Asian detailing.  Can’t you just imagine Harrison Ford circa 1982 stopping for a drink before he tracks replicants?  Only $1500 and this baby could be yours (Harrison Ford not included).

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