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On fire

15 Nov

It’s time to break out the Game of Thrones references because… Winter is coming.

In my view, there’s no better way to make it through these dark days and long nights than enjoying the age-old comfort of a wood fire.  It turns out that fireplaces can be more than functional; I think that these gracefully walk the line between function and form.

When I first laid eyes on this floating fireplace several years ago it was love at first sight.  These photos are from the home of Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips.  You can see more of this psychedelic dream home at Fitzsimmons Architects.  (The weirdness isn’t contained indoors.)

I’ve been lusting over this Malm fireplace for a while now.  It can be installed indoors or used outside.  It sure looks great poolside, don’t you think?  Unfortunately, at prices starting at $1500.00, it’s completely out of my price range.  But I vowed to keep my eyes open for a similar model in my thrift shopping endeavors. (Can you see where this is going?)

I immediately shot off an email when I caught a glimpse of this old, rusty fire-pit on the local Craigslist.   The owner sold it to me for $30 (including delivery), a reasonable price if you ask me.  I’m pretty sure he was just excited to be rid of the damn thing.

I believe that this is a vintage Preway or Sears model of fire-pit, dating from the 1970’s.  I found some original owner manuals for sale on Ebay that I’m definitely eyeing.

I’m trying to decide if I should embrace the rust or take on the task of getting it cleaned it up.  Trying to ward off rust may be a losing battle during this damp, dank part of the year.  There’s also the possibility of painting it with high-heat tolerant paint; unfortunately, color options are limited and I’d like a bright, bold color if I’m going to go the paint route.  I’ve also purchased a piece of black stove-pipe to add to the top to recreate that Malm fire-pit look.  I’ll definitely be posting about this little guy in the future.

Regardless of what route I take, I think that for $30 this will be a great addition to our outdoor living area.  What do you think? Am I crazy to drop any amount of money on this ol’ rust bucket?  Or is this going to be the sweetest yard accessory ever?