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Ice, ice, baby

17 Feb

Kitchen with pink walls, white cabinets, and black and white checkered flooring

Things have been busy around here the past few weeks, which means that that things not been very busy around ye olde blog.  Instead of apologizing for having a life (*gasp*), I figured I would tell you about some of the more exciting things I’ve been up to.

We painted our kitchen. Pink.

Kitchen with pink walls, white cabinets, and black and white checkered flooring

When I told my mom on Skype that we had painted our kitchen pink, she said, “Oh, uh. Okay.”  Then a few minutes later she asked, “So, um. What made you want to paint your kitchen pink?”

Such a I’m-trying-to-be-a-supportive-mom-to-my-weird-daughter reaction. Whatever, mom, I do what I want.  Besides, if she followed me on Pinterest she would know that retro pink kitchens are the next big thing!

The next day, Nate hosted a beer tasting party.  He broke out all of the bottles he had been saving over the years for a special occasion.  He made pretzel rolls and I made a rosemary cheese fondue dip.  We also served olives and cured meats and veggies.  Things started out nice and civilized but they ended around 2am with an endurance competition based on keeping at least one hand in the ice cooler.

Three people with their hands in an ice cooler.

I would say that I used this photo because it protects the identity of the innocent (L. was the number one instigator and thus was not at all innocent), but really all three of them ignored my pleas to have some sense.  Nate’s not pictured because he was the first to throw in the towel.  That’s my boy.

If you can tell whether a party is a success by the mood of your neighbors + the mess you have to clean up, I think the beer tasting was a success.  Thankfully the neighbors have since forgiven us.  More on that soon.