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Honorary SOPA/PIPA post

18 Jan

Bearded man in a coffee shop with a black censor box over eyes that says

If you’ve visited Wikipedia or Google today, you’ve probably noticed that things look a little different than usual.  Many popular websites are holding “blackouts” in protest of current legislation in the U.S. chambers of Congress that would effectively censor the internet.

Bearded man in a coffee shop with a black censor box over eyes that says "STOP SOPA"

Just in case you’re looking for more information on the SOPA and PIPA legislation, I want to share my partner’s recent post on the subject.  Nate’s blog post “For #SOPA Blackout day: a challenge to make things better” not only describes the issue at hand but recommends an alternative course that we could and should take instead.  I highly recommend that you check it out.

Here’s to a censorship-free internet!

Let’s talk about sex(ism)

17 Jan

Despite only being in existence a mere five days, this blog of mine has already developed a bit of a theme: homemaking.  So when one of my Facebook friends shared the article “How Much is a Homemaker Worth?” I knew that I wanted to post it here.  The authors of the article have calculated what the costs of homemaking services might be on the market.  The services include personal chef, house cleaner, etc.  According to the article, the yearly services of the average homemaker would cost over $96,000.

Homemaking and other “women’s work” has traditionally been undervalued not just by those who rely on the efforts of the homemaker, but by society as a whole.  I think one of the most common (and misinformed) critiques I hear of feminists is that they’re opposed to women being homemakers, that they think that homemaking is not a worthwhile endeavor.  For me, feminism means that women don’t HAVE to be homemakers.  It means recognizing the real value (financially and otherwise) of homemaking and other traditionally undervalued tasks, services, and careers.

This article isn’t really written from a feminist perspective, but it’s really nice to see a discussion of the value of homemaking on a mainstream site like Yahoo! Finance.

Illustration of a blue hand flipping the middle finger at a banner that says "DEAR PATRIARCHY."

While I’m on the topic, check out the Etsy shop Made by Midge for some sweet feminist paraphernalia, including this awesome poster that I’ve been lusting after.